What Is Kundali?


According to the Indian astrology or the Vedic astrology, Kundli is used as a tool to determine astrological factors. All sort of upcoming events can be forecasted with the use of Kundli. Natal chart and birth chart are the two new names that a Kundli is known by. Universal bodies that influence earth, plants, planets, humans, other creatures etc are also studied with the help of a Kundli.

There is a tradition of getting the Kundali charts prepared when a child is born as it helps in highlighting all the possible ups and downs in the life because of planetary movements.

What Is Kundali?

The actual meaning of Kundli in astrology is a chart that is used to know the position of sun, stars, planets, moon at a particular period of time. Auspicious works in Hinduism are carried out according to the Kundli of an individual. Hindus have a firm belief that all sorts of important works should be carried out on good days. We provide the best KundaliShastra service that can provide you with information related to heath, love life, education, diseases, friends, enemies and more.

Need for Kundali?

Every aspect of life must be checked before making important decisions as one decision taken at the wrong time can impact our lives. Our professional astrologers have years of experience in their field. They are not just trained but also hold professional degrees and educational qualification in the domain of astrology; this makes us the most reliable online kundali services.

In person meeting can also be planned with these astrologers if you wish. All the events in your future are going to be fruitful with us as we believe in giving our clients the best astrology services.

Kundali Matching

Marriage is something that in India is considered as the most important occasion as it is regarded as a bond for lifetime. Before moving ahead with a marriage proposal Kundali matching is practiced to estimate that the union of the two will be fruitful or not. The major aim behind matching the Kundali of two individuals is to have a blissful life ahead.

The method of matching Kundli was known as Ashtakoot method earlier. This method comprises of a total of 8 parameters that have specific points. These all points make 36 points and for a blissful married life at least 18 points should match in both the Kundlis. Also if the match is above 28, then the match is considered to be an amazing one.

Benefits of Kundali Matching

  1. Knowing Compatibility Among Individuals: Marriage is the association of 2 people and if they are not compatible then it is not going to work out. The 36 points that are checked for in a Kundli matching process are termed as Gunas. The matching of Gunas shows the compatibility. An individual’s personality, attitude, aptitude, mindset can also be studied with the help of the Gunas.
  2. Knowing Compatibility For Children: The chances of childbirth and the health of the child is a significant thing that can be denoted with Kundali making and Kundali matching. Guna named Nadi which is on the 8th number can tell the chances of off-springs in the married life. The level of physical attraction among the two is covered under the Nadiguna as well.
  3. Knowing Financial Compatibility: The sacred bond of marriage not just brings 2 individuals together but also their financial aspects are aligned. So your partner’s aspects of wealth in future can definitely influence yours. Choose our best Kundali shastra in India as we provide the best Kundali shastra online service.

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